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Sustainability contributions & goals - 2022

Written by ROLAND

Apr 7, 2022

We’ve reduced the CO2 in our atmosphere by 10+ tonnes. 

Look at that!

"That’s the equivalent of not charging your phone 1,275,322 times."

Generating 372,000 MWh of electricity annually from wind power in Vietnam

Wind power generation in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam

Special thanks to: Eden Reforestation Projects & Ecologi

Special thanks to the Eden Reforestation Projects & Ecologi

Generating 4.80MW of clean electricity in India

Clean electricity from hydropower in India

Our Goals:

✅ 500 trees in our forest ✅ 1000 trees in our forest ✅ 50 Tonnes of carbon reduction ✅ 100 Tonnes of carbon reduction

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Plant trees We’ll plant a minimum of 12 trees per employee every month in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. Offset more than our carbon footprint Each employee’s entire carbon footprint is more than offset. This includes: ✅ Home living  & personal travel ✅ Holidays ✅ Food ✅ Hobbies and well, everything!

Sustainability Tips




Choose your airlines wisely

Tip 1

Flight Path

Reduce, reuse or recycle your waste

Tip 2

If you have the luxury of time, try traveling by train or by boat to offset carbon emissions

Tip 3

Reduce the amount of MB your users have to download

Tip 4

Host your websites on green servers

Tip 5

Read our blog for more tips & guides