Polarize Digital & Network Dashboards


Access your digital marketing reporting and website hosting on the go!

Polarize Ltd is a digital agency that uses the power of technology to help you build and grow your business online.

We offer a range of solutions including:

  • Digital Marketing Solutions
    • SEO
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Social Media Management
    • Content
    • Local Listings
    • Consulting
  • Network & Website Solutions
    • Hosting
    • WordPress Website Development & Design
    • Funnel Build & Design
    • Email Automations
    • APIs
    • Consulting

A digital army knife of solutions in your pocket, to help you build and grow your business online.

Roland Farkas | Founder & Director @ Polarize Ltd.

Whether you need to get online for the first time or want to take your existing business operations to the next level, Polarize can help.

Meet Our Digital Dashboard

Polarize Digital Dashboard

Utilise advertising, search engine optimisation and reporting in one tool with a free forever sales platform. Click here to read more about the Digital Dashboard

Meet Our Network Dashboard

Polarize Network Dashboard

Control and monitor your server and website from your phone in a few taps, it is literally that easy! Click here to read more about the Network Dashboard

We know how difficult it can be to get a business off the ground.

This is why we started Polarize. We’ve built a team of amazing, hardworking individuals who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners build their dream businesses. We do this by providing solutions to help you save time and money, while building more effective digital marketing strategies and processes.

We are committed to providing an affordable solutions so that you can focus on what matters most – your business!

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